• DreamBox at Davis Drive Middle School



    DreamBox is a K-8 online math program that supplements core instruction in the classroom or at home and is proven to increase math growth. DreamBox dynamically adapts to the learner, providing personalized instruction. Our lessons are available in English and Spanish and are aligned to the NC state standards. 


    How do students log on?

    Students log into their WakeID portal, click on DreamBox, and then start playing the games. It's that simple!


    How Can Families Get Connected to DreamBox?

    1. Sign Up for a Family DreamBox Account 
    2. Track your child’s progress on the Family Dashboard.  
    3. Encourage your child to complete 5 DreamBox lessons each week. 
    4. Additional Family Resources for DreamBox


    For any additional questions regarding DreamBox at Davis Drive Middle School, please contact our Instructional Facilitator, Kara Brem at kbrem@wcpss.net.

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