Student Government Association:

    The purpose of the SGA is to provide:

    • A means to improve student participation and communication in school-wide activities
    • An understanding and education in the democratic process
    • Opportunity and incentive for leadership
    • A fostering of closer relationships
    • A channel for student participation with faculty and administration in school projects and activities
    • A liaison between faculty and administration and the student body to express concerns and discuss issues
    • A means to promote school spirit to aid in unifying the overall campus


    • Karla Bullock- 9th Grade Advisor
    • Jeremy Hodges- 9th Grade Advisor
    • Ruthie Margarin- 10th Grade Advisor
    • Alyson Reynolds- 11th Grade Advisor
    • Emily Steele- 12th Grade Advisor

    The SGA meets at grade level and as a whole group.

    Whole club meetings- 3rd Monday- 2:30-4:00