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    Entrepreneurial Design involves teaching students how to utilize a problem-solving approach when approaching a task or undertaking. CONNtreprenurs are “little thinkers with BIG IDEAS” who are taught to:

    • Take risks
    • Explore new ideas or identify improvements
    • Utilize a design thinking approach
    • Be innovative
    • Fail forward


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    Our Ideas Design-Thinking Cycle


    Our Ideas Design-Thinking Cycle is embedded in our daily lives and learning here at Conn. The students utilize our IDEAS cycle to make improvements to the world around them. They start with the I where they will identify a problem, then they begin to develop a plan. Once their plan is developed they will begin to execute the plan. As they are executing their plan, they will take time to assess  their process. At the conclusion, they will share out the steps they took and begin to reflect on what went well and how they can improve moving forward. This model teaches them resilience to keep trying as the cycle is continuous and that it is okay to fail as long as you fail forward.


    Ideas Design Cycle