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  • CAS Experiences

    A CAS experience is a specific event in which the you engage with one or more of the three CAS strands.

    CAS Experiences
    Figure 1
    CAS experiences

    CAS experience can be a single event or may be an extended series of events.

    A CAS project is a collaborative series of sequential CAS experiences lasting at least one month (see the section on CAS project for additional criteria).

    CAS experiences and stages
    Figure 2
    CAS experiences and stages

    Typically, a student’s CAS programme combines planned/unplanned singular and ongoing experiences. All are valuable and may lead to personal development. However, a meaningful CAS programme must be more than unplanned/singular experiences. A series of planned CAS experiences are recommended for a more engaging CAS programme.

    CAS experiences may incorporate one or more of the CAS strands. For example:

    • Going for a mountain hike could be a singular experience within the “Activity” strand.
    • A student plans a number of visits to a nursing home resulting in a series of CAS experiences within the “Service” strand. 
    • A group of students plan and stage a basketball tournament for the local community, resulting in a series of CAS experiences involving the strands of “Activity” and “Service”. 


    Guidelines to CAS experiences

    The CAS coordinator will assist you in understanding what may or may not be a CAS experience. There are four guidelines that should be applied to any proposed CAS experience.

    A CAS experience must:

    • fit within one or more of the CAS strands
    • be based on a personal interest, skill, talent or opportunity for growth
    • provide opportunities to develop the attributes of the IB learner profile
    • not be used or included in the your other Diploma course requirements

    To further assist you in deciding on a CAS experience, the following questions may be useful to consider.

    • Will the experience be enjoyable?
    • Does the experience allow for development of personal interests, skills and/or talents?
    • What new possibilities or challenges could the experience provide?
    • What might be the possible consequences of your CAS experience for you, others and the environment? 
    • Which CAS learning outcomes may be addressed?

    While it is not necessary for each CAS experience to address a CAS learning outcome, upon completion of the CAS programme, you are required to present evidence demonstrating achievement of all CAS learning outcomes.

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  • Information on these pages is from the Diploma Programme Creativity, activity, service guide. International Baccalaureate Organization. 2015. Print.