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  • Beginning in March, students will be allowed to begin requesting courses for the 2020-21 school year. Students are encouraged to download the appropriate Course Selection Guide and complete it prior to registration. Students with questions about courses of study should see their counselor or the IB Coordinator. 

    Students should login to their NCEdCloud account prior to the start of registration to ensure their access has been set up.

  • Students will use PowerSchool to enter their course requests for the next school year. In order to access the online course registration, students must first login to the NCEdCloud account by entering your NCEdCloud username and password assigned by the school.

    Once in PowerSchool, click Class Registration.

    Class registration

    The Class Registration screen will appear. You may already be registered for some courses that are required for graduation. The number of courses (if any) that you have been pre-registered for are indicated at the bottom of the screen.


    Screen 1

    • Follow the course selection instructions provided on screen. If courses for a subject area have already been selected or are optional, a green check will display. If courses are required and have not been selected for a particular area, a red exclamation point will be displayed.
    • Click the pencil beside the red exclamation point of the subject area in order to select the appropriate course being requested.

    A group of courses will be displayed. Check the box beside the course being requested. A message may appear indicating the number of courses needed to select. 


    The screen will display information regarding your selection.


    Select Okay to save the selected course and proceed to another subject area.

    The selected course will display on the screen, along with a green check to indicate you have completed the requirement for that subject area.


    Proceed to select courses for each subject area. When courses are selected, the number of credit hours will be displayed at the bottom of the screen.Screen5

    Click Submit.

    Be sure to have selected the required number of courses (including alternate courses) indicated by the instructions. If the required number of courses is not selected, the screen will prompt a failure message preventing submission. Proceed to select the required courses and Submit again.

    When the course requests submission is successful, a screen with appear listing your course selections for the next school year.

    If you have issues accessing PowerSchool, you may see one of your teachers or someone in the media center for help. For questions or assistance with the course selection process, please contact your counselor.

Class Search

Search the
GMHS Course Catalog
for information about specific courses and requirements.

Core Recommendations

The Core Recommendation Matrix describes how pre-registration and recommendations are determined for required courses.