• GMHS Brand Standards

    At the core of the GMHS brand identity is our logo. The logo is made up of two elements, our school mascot (the Trojan head) and the stylized "G" representing our school name.


    Color is one of the most visible components of any brand identity. It should be used with consistency to ensure that the integrity of the identity is maintained. It is important when producing the broad range of materials used by GMHS and its stakeholders, that all attempts are made to match the colors specified below. When choosing additional colors for background graphics and typography, always ensure they complement our core identity colors

    Brand Colors

    The right logo in the right place

    To increase awareness and recognition and to protect the identity, the GMHS logo should, wherever possible, appear in full color. For instances where it is only possible to reproduce in a single color or in black and white, clearly defined digital artwork is available in the digital toolkit. 

    Protecting the brand identity

    The GMHS identity is a valuable asset. Its success depends largely upon the clarity and consistency with which it is implemented. Using the identity correctly will ensure it is displayed clearly and prominently. Mistakes, however small, will collectively erode the overall cohesion and reduce the impact of the identity.

    Some of the more common mistakes are shown on below. Please avoid them.

    distorted wrong logo for background enhancements
    Avoid distorting the logo. When resizing, hold the SHIFT key to maintain aspect ratio.  Be sure to use the correct logo depending on your background. Just changing the color of the blue logo to show up on a dark background results in an undesirable "photo negative" effect.  Use the logo as is. Please do not add your own coloring or enhancements.

Digital Toolkit

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