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  • June 14-21, 2021

    Posted by Trina Mauder on 6/12/2021

    We are down to our final 6 days of school!! What a memorable year this one has been!


    VA: We will be wrapping up the year, discussing & reflecting how things went, and sharing your thoughts & opinions. We will also be doing various fun activities in our Google Meets!


    Plan A: We will be competing against Mr. Mauder's class in sideline games! May the best class win!

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  • June 1-11, 2021

    Posted by Trina Mauder on 5/29/2021

    Monday is Memorial Day and a school holiday. It is not a remote learning day, so there will be no assignments in Google Classroom to complete and no Google Meets. Enjoy the extra day off as we preapre for testing season!


    Over the next 2 weeks, 6th, 7th, and 8th graders will take their EOGs. Even thought only certain grade levels are testing each day, the entire school (Plan A & VA) will be on a different schedule from June 1-June 9. VA students: please check Google Classroom to find out our new meet times. These change daily, so please write them down and set alarms for each class if you need to.


    VA:  Over the next 2 weeks you will engage in different brain break challenges! These are a great way to combat the stress of testing and end of the year work! Have fun completing these challenges!


    Plan A: Over the next 2 weeks you will play various 4 way volleyball games and will be competing against Mr. Mauder's class. 


    Good luck to all students on their EOGs! You got this!!



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  • May 24-28, 2021

    Posted by Trina Mauder on 5/22/2021

    Virtual Academy: This week you will be playing basketball!! I have 3 options for you to choose from this week to participate in our basketball unit. I have a 1 player game, a 2 player game, and then an option to create your own game! I hope you have a ball this week!


    Plan A: This week we are outside all week for an ultimate frisbee unit. We'll work on learning how to catch and throw a frisbee, then learn how to play ultimate frisbee and begin a tournament. Please come dressed & prepared to be outside each day. Bring your water bottles!

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  • May 17-21, 2021

    Posted by Trina Mauder on 5/15/2021

    Virtual Academy: This week you get to use your creative muscles to create an adventure course! Your course must have at least 5 obstacles, with 1 of them being a PE related obstacle and 1 of them being a fitness related obstacle. Have fun and be creative! I can't wait to see what you come up with!


    Plan A: Due to the remote learning day on Friday, we will finish the badminton tournament on Monday. Tuesday-Friday we will be in the gym for sideline games (soccer, basketball, & football).

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