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  • Fitness: September 13-17

    Posted by Trina Mauder on 9/11/2021

    This week in fitness you will be participating in different fitness tests and challenges. Weather permitting, we'll be outside. 


    Friday is picture day! I will only see my elective 1 classes on Friday and will have you for both elective periods. We will be taking our pictures first and then leaving the gym for an outdoor activity. 

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  • PE: September 7-10

    Posted by Trina Mauder on 9/5/2021

    We are in PE this week focusing on flag football! We'll play flag tag and have a mini flag football tournament.  Come dressed for activity & have a water bottle. Weather permitting, we'll be outside. 



    See you on Tuesday!

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  • Health: August 30-September 3

    Posted by Trina Mauder on 8/28/2021

    This week in health you will be analyzing the health triangle. Each grade level will demonstrate their knowledge of the health triangle through a project.


    6th grade: Celebrity Health Triangle

    7th grade: Chutes & Ladders: Health Triangle Edition

    8th grade: Health Triangle & Music Connections 

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  • Fitness: August 23-27

    Posted by Trina Mauder on 8/22/2021

    You are in fitness this week. You will still meet down in the gym for class. Weather permitting we will go outside. This may only occur for the morning/early afternoon classes as temperatures are going to be hot this week. Come prepared to be outside or inside though. Make sure you have your water bottle and bring it in the gym with you when you sit down in your attendance spots.


    This week we will continue with fitness testing and you will have an opportunity to be in the fitness rooms after we go over safety and how to properly use all equipment.

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