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  • Welcome Back! April 14-16

    Posted by Trina Mauder on 4/14/2021

    Welcome to 4th quarter!! I hope you had a great trackout and are ready to end the year!

    Virtual Academy: This week you will be engaging in a 4th quarter check in. There have been lots of changes this year, and this quarter is no different! I want to know how you are doing. I shared my 4th quarter check in with you in Google Classroom and I can't wait to see yours!


    Plan A: Welcome back to the building! Wednesday we will get new spots in the gym since we are all back together again, go over some new rules, and go over what you will do Thursday & Friday in class. We'll also have time for a fitness activity on Wednesday. Thursday & Friday you will complete the posted assignments in Google Classroom with Mrs. King. 

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  • TRACK OUT! March 31-April 13

    Posted by Trina Mauder on 3/31/2021

    Congratulations everyone! You finished quarter 3 and earned a well deserved break! Continue to stay safe and active during your two weeks off. We track back in on Wednesday, April 14. With us moving to Plan A on April 14, there will be some changes for both Plan A students and Virtual Academy students. Be paying attention to your grade level newsletters, as well as Google Classroom to stay up to date. If you have any questions, please let me know!

    Enjoy your time off, rest up, and get ready to end the year strong! See you April 14th either in person or online!

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  • Remote Learning Days: March 29-30

    Posted by Trina Mauder on 3/27/2021

    Wow, 3rd quarter flew by!! We just have 1 quarter to go!! Thank you for all of your hard work this quarter! There will be NO FITNESS JOURNALS this week or over trackout!! Make sure you continue to stay active though during this break!


    Use these 2 remote learning days as time to get caught up on any work you are missing. All missing work is due by Tuesday, March 30 at 3pm. Complete the poll in Google Classroom to be marked present this week by 3pm.


    Make sure you check PowerSchools during this time to see what work you are missing, as well as to check to make sure I didn't make a mistake when entering grades.


    Enjoy your trackout and I'll see you in April!

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  • March 22-26: 1A-PE; 2B, 3C & VA-Health

    Posted by Trina Mauder on 3/20/2021

    1A: This week you are back in the building for PE! You will be competing in various track & field events. Be prepared to be outside all week, unless it is raining. Bring a water bottle!


    VA, 2B & 3C: This week you are in health learning about online safety. You will complete a Quizizz lesson and create a poster promoting ways to stay safe while using online platforms.

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