• Remind: The REMIND process has been set up for all of my students and parents/guardians to use. This process will make it very easy for everyone to know when assignments are due, what week we are in (health, PE, fitness) and any important announcements. Remind also makes it easy for students and parents/guardians to communicate with me. Students and parents/guardians can sign up for text and/or email alerts. This app is completely safe.  Anyone who signs up, whether it be with a cell phone or email, your number or email address will not be shown or made public to anyone, including myself. To learn more about the process and what makes Remind 100% safe and protects your privacy, please click here.


    Signing Up For Remind: Remind codes will be shared with students during the first week of school and will also be posted in Google Classroom.


    Talking Points: I will also be utlizing Talking Points this school year. Parents, you are the only ones who have access to those messages and you can directly message me on there.


    Remind vs Talking Points: Students are able to receive class announcements through Remind only, so I highly encourage all of my students to sign up for Remind to stay current on what is happening in class. Students are also able to message me on Remind to ask questions. Parents are able to receive and send messages to me from Remind or Talking Points. Through Remind, I will send class/school updates, reminders, & annoucements. Through Talking Points, I will send information for parents about class & school updates.