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  • Happy 4th Quarter!!!! (Health this Week, April 18-22)

    Posted by Joseph Pettiford on 4/17/2022

    I hope you all enjoyed the final track-out of the year!!! Now onward to make it a great fourth and final quarter of the year.

    In-Person/ Virtual

    We will be in the ATOD-alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs unit this week.  We will complete crosswords, notes, and create info-graphics on the effects of drugs on our physical, social, and mental-emotional health.  Please be sure to bring a pen/pencil and a laptop charger to class.  You may also bring ear buds as we will have a few individual videos to listen to and watch during class.  

    • 6th Grade- Marketing Strategies for Alcohol, Tobacco, and Drug Advertisments
      • Can you be swayed?  Are you in control of all of your decisions to purchase or try products?  We will explore how ATOD's are advertised and how you can protect yourself from being swayed.
    • 7th Grade- Substance Abuse, Addiction, and the Brain
      • We will explore why the brain changes when a person uses a drug, even just once.  You will be able to explain why addiction is a process that can cause serious physical, mental, and emotional consequences.  
    • 8th Grade- Unnecessary Risks
      • We will be reviewing tobacco and e-cigarette policies.  You will work individually or as a group to propose tobacco legislation that would make the world a safer and healthier place.  


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