Happy Trackout & Good Luck Next Year!

Posted by Trina Mauder on 6/26/2022

Happy Trackout! We made it to the end of the year!! You have all grown so much and I was honored to be your teacher this past year. Thank you for all the laughs and memories!


To my 8th graders, best of luck in high school! You are prepared and will do great! Enjoy it, get involved, and try new things!


To my 7th graders, you now have big shoes to fill as leaders of this school. You are ready for this job though!


To my 6th graders, you made it through your 1st year of middle school! Congratulations! Now be nice to our next group of 6th graders and help show them the way!


I will miss you all so much as I move to Salem Middle next year. You will always be my kids though, no matter where we are! If you ever need anything, my email is still the same. Best of luck in everything your futures hold! <3 Mrs. Mauder