About Our School

  • Ligon Gifted and Talented/AIG Basics Magnet Middle School has a tradition of excellence. By fostering each student's gifts and talents through strong academic programs, Ligon has built a solid reputation as one of the top middle schools in Wake County. At Ligon, we strive to identify, nurture and develop the unique gifts and talents of our students in a safe and caring environment; to encourage and celebrate diversity in our school programs; and to promote respect and understanding for others. With the help of our supportive community, we excel in several areas; academic, athletic, and extra-curricular.

    Ligon has two magnet themes that operate in tandem: Gifted and Talented program and Academically or Intellectually Gifted Basics (AIG) program. These programs are integrated throughout the school in core AIG classes as well as a wide variety of elective courses and co-curricular activities.