1. What are the school hours?  7:35am-2:20pm
    2. What calendar do you follow? The traditional calendar of Wake County Public Schools
    3. How many classes do students take? Students take 8 classes per quarter - 4 on A days and 4 on B days 
    4. What schedule do you follow? We follow a 90 minute block schedule - A day and B day rotation
    5. How many electives do students take? Students have 4 electives per quarter - up to 16 per year 
    6. What is the highest level of math my child can take in person? Math 3 
    7. How is my child’s math level determined? Your child’s 5th grade teacher will make a recommendation for the math level based on his/her performance in class, EOG scores, and test data.
    8. What is Gifted and Talented? The Gifted and Talented program believes in helping students discover and nurture their gifts and talents. We accomplish this by offering students an expanded schedule of electives classes in all subject areas. At Ligon our students have the choice of taking over 200 different electives. We have 9 arts disciplines, 5 foreign languages, 5 different Career and Technology Education focuses, and so much more! 
    9. How does AIG work at Ligon? Students that are identified as AIG will be clustered with other AIG identified students in their core classes. AIG clusters are 50% of the core class enrollment. Teachers differentiate instruction with the help of our 2 AIG specialists who plan with the teachers and also provide support in the classroom. 
    10. I heard that AIG students have a required elective at Ligon? Yes, we have built in a quarter long enrichment elective for our AIG students. We piloted the elective this year with our incoming 6th grade class. Next year all 6th and 7th grade AIG students will take the quarter long enrichment elective. 
    11. I heard that you can apply to Ligon twice? How do I do that? All students are able to apply for a Gifted and Talented magnet seat (if Ligon is your GT school option). If your child is identified as AIG you may also apply for an AIG seat. If you are accepted to Ligon you will have access to all programming that your child is qualified for regardless of the magnet seat that you hold. 
    12. How do I know if Ligon is my school option for AIG Basics or GT or both? https://osageo.wcpss.net/application-schools-lookup/
    13. How do I know what my transportation options are? When you pull up the magnet options for your address it will tell you what transportation options you have. It will be either neighborhood busing, express busing, or parent transportation.
    14. If I am already in a Magnet Elementary Pathway school and I automatically enrolled at Ligon? No, you will need to apply unless Ligon is your base middle school. You will have the highest priority to get into Ligon if you are coming from our Pathway Elementary Schools.
    15. If I have a child currently enrolled at Ligon. Do I need to fill out an application for their younger sibling? No - if your child will still be at Ligon next year. If your child will be going into 9th grade you will need to fill out an application for the younger sibling.