• Course Registration Information

    1. Core classes (Math, Language Arts, Social Studies, and Science) will be entered by your teachers. 

    If you have questions about your recommended Math placement, please speak to your child's math teacher. You can find information about middle school Math pathways, placement waivers, and more by visiting the WCPSS Middle School Math page. (Click Here for the Middle School Math page)

    2. All students will register for their electives by following the information listed below.

    1. Please review your options carefully and understand what each elective will cover: 2024/2025 Course Description Guide 
    2. Use the registration form to help you select and organize your choices. You will need to print this form OR make a copy by clicking file - make a copy  Elective Registration Worksheet 2024-2025
    3. Check 16 primary choice electives
    4. Check 4 alternate choice electives
    5. Rank your choices in the 3rd column - 1-20 - with 1 being your most desired elective
    6. Complete the Elective Registration Priority Google Form so that Ligon has a record of the priority of your choices.
    7. You will enter your choices into Powerschool with your Elementary/Grade-Level Counselor. Bring your completed Elective Registration Worksheet.

    Important Reminders:

    • 6th grade AIG identified students are required to take the Exploratory Enrichment Elective. This should be selected as one of their 16 choices. This is for AIG identified (ELA, Math, or both) and Talent Identified students only.
    • Be sure to select electives from a variety of categories as this will ensure you get more of the classes you select. 
    • What you select in PowerSchools should match the google form submitted to Ligon.
    • Please remember you are registering for electives for the full year. 
    • Students are registering online through PowerSchools (either at home or in elementary schools) AND in the Elective Registration Priority Google Form. Instructions on registering in PowerSchools can be found here: Click Here for PowerSchool instructions.

    3. Important things to note:

    ● Electives are categorized by Core electives, Art electives (performing and visual), PE electives, CTE electives, World Languages electives and General electives. 

    ● Classes can be quarter-long, semester-long or year-long. 

    ● 6th Grade students are only able to sign up for World Language 1A. 

    ● Health/PE is not required. This is an optional elective for students. We do encourage all students to have a movement elective each quarter.

    ● You may and are encouraged to sign up for more than one level of a course (ex. Drawing I and Drawing II). You may not take a level II course until you have taken the level I course.

    4. Electives that require an application or audition are listed below.

    Please click the link for your desired elective, read the information, and complete the audition form/application. The teacher will be in touch with more information. Links are also included in the Elective Registration Worksheet. 

    1. Band - Click here for Band audition information
    2. Chorus - Click here for Chorus audition and placement information
    3. Dance - Click here for the Dance Audition Placement Information 
    4. Theatre - Click here for Encore Audition information (7th and 8th grade) 
    5. Theatre - Click here for 6th grade Scenes (Acting I Semester) application information
    6. Tech Theatre - Click here for the information and application for Light Scene Sound Design
    7. Visual Art - Click here for the Visual Art application (7th and 8th grade only) Applications are now closed
    8. Orchestra - Click here for the Orchestra audition form
    9. MSEN - Click here for the interest form
    10. Science Olympiad - Click here for the interest form
    11. Video Production III (Ligon TV) - Click here for the interest form
    12. Yearbook - Click here for the interest form
    13. Battle of the Books - Click here for the interest form
    14. Math Counts - Click here for the interest form