• Important book ordering info

    How to find your book List

    First Day of Classes Fall 2022 Semester: 

    Monday, August 22nd- 1st day of NC State classes

    Textbook Drop Off Deadline: 

    Fall Semester: December 16th @ 5 PM -drop off on the cart at the front desk

    Order Deadlines: 

    Fall Semester: August 26th - last day to order NC State books or online access

     Link to Textbook Order Form Click Here

    Book Pick Up:

    Fall Semester: August 31st @ 2:30 PM- all books not picked up will be returned.

    Please check this link to see if your books are available to pick up at the Wake STEM building, M-F 7AM-3:30 PM.

    Finding & Ordering NCSU Textbooks Slides

    Please click this link for more information on how to find and order your textbooks.

    How to access All-In materials? Do I need a code?

    No need to worry about picking up a code. All-In provides a link to course materials through your instructors' Moodle page.

    The link, often found in "Announcements," either goes to an eText or courseware.