• Freshmen Orientation is August 1 and 2 (Thursday and Friday), 2019


    August 1 - Drop off at Hunt Library on Centennial Campus at 8:30am (1070 Partners Way, Raleigh, NC)  This is a busy zone, you will have to drop off your child at the front of the Library and leave.  You will not be able to park.  There will be staff to meet your student in front of the Library.

    Students will need to pack a lunch or bring money for lunch at NCSU

    Pick up at 2:00 at the Cherry Building (715 Barbour Drive)

    Please follow the signs for carpool so you pick up with your passenger side toward the school.


    August 2 - Drop off at Cherry Building between 8:00-8:15 (715 Barbour Drive)

    You will need to bring your computer or have your paperwork submitted to sign one out from the school

    Students need to pack a lunch

    Pick up at 2:00 at Cherry Building.