• In Wake County, students are assigned to a base elementary, middle, and high school for their home address. Find your base school using our address look-up tool.

    You will also find options other than your base school that you may apply for. All new students must start the enrollment process by enrolling at their base school.

    Year-round calendar track assignments

    If you are assigned to a multi-track year-round calendar school, your child will be assigned a track schedule. Track assignments are made with consideration to parent input, siblings, grade level scheduling, and mandatory class size limits. All track assignments are made at the school. Families applying for a year-round school will be asked to rank the four tracks when they submit their online application. Every effort will be made to honor an existing track when a student moves from one year-round school to another year-round school, but this is not guaranteed. Notification of track change requests for existing students at a school and track assignments for students new to the school will be given mid-March. All track assignments are subject to change based on enrollment variations. Families should work with the school staff at your school to discuss track assignments.

Find your base school

All students register at their base school. Find your base school now.