• Production Area

    At this time, the Parent Teacher Resource Center including the Production Area remains closed until further notice. 

    The Production Area is a great "maker" space located in the Parent Teacher Resource Center at Project Enlightenment. It is a working space for anyone, including parents, educators, and other professionals alike, that want to create learning and play materials for young children. The Production Area contains large tables to prepare your materials as well as two laminators, large paper cutters, bookbinding machines, Ellison Die Cut machines, and a large collection of Ellison Die Cuts. In addition, various other materials such as construction paper, poster board, markers, crayons, scissors, glue sticks, and more are available. Minimal user/materials fee may apply. This area is for ADULT USE only however, children with strict adult supervision may accompany their parents. Please call ahead at 919-694-8990 to ensure that the Production Area is available, as groups may sometimes reserve the area.