Parent Teacher Resource Center

  • While the PTRC, including the Production Area, remains closed until further notice, please continue to enjoy using all books that are currently checked out. No renewal or returns are necessary until we resume normal operations. 

    The Alice K. Burrows Parent Teacher Resource Center (PTRC) at Project Enlightenment contains a wide variety of resources:

    • Library for Parents and Teachers
    • Children's Library
    • Production Area
    • Teacher Resources
    • Publications
    • Diversity and Inclusion Materials
    • Community Information
    • Spanish Resources
    • Video Collection

    The lending library for adults and children includes over 15,000 books, videos, articles and brochures that address development, education, parenting and other related issues specific to children birth through kindergarten. Additionally, the PTRC provides resources on sensitive subjects such as divorce, new baby, grief, diversity, inclusion, etc.

    Download a brochure here: PTRC Brochure



    The PTRC has an extensive library of adult and children’s books, various publications, a video/DVD collection and a lateral file collection of articles and handouts. Copies of articles can be made at ten cents per printed page. Upon completion of a Patron Registration Card, Wake County residents can check out six books at a time for up to three weeks at a time.

    See what books we have available in our library by checking our catalog at Choose Project Enlightenment to begin your search.


    Production Area

    The Production Area contains construction paper and poster board, a laminator, a bookbinding machine, and a large collection of Ellison Die Cuts in addition to various other materials. A user/materials fee may apply. Please call ahead at 919-694-8990 to ensure that the Production Area is available, as groups may sometimes reserve the area.

Inclement Weather

If schools are closed due to holidays or inclement weather, the PTRC will not be open.

  • Location
    501 S. Boylan Ave, Raleigh, NC 27603. Second floor. Please sign in at the Main Desk upon arrival.

    Phone Number

    The library and reception areas are open to the public on Monday-Friday from 8:00 am - 5 pm. The Production Center is open from 8:00-4:30 pm Monday through Friday.

    Teacher Workdays: The PTRC is open on Teacher Workdays. Please call ahead to verify availability.

    Call Ahead: Please call ahead at 919-694-8990 to ensure that the Production Area is available. The library is always available during operating hours.

    Reservations & Appointments: Individuals or groups can schedule a comprehensive tour of the PTRC by calling the Front Desk at 919-694-8990.
    Groups may reserve the Production Area for meetings or for working on activities, materials, assignments or projects. Call the Front Desk at 919-694-8990 and ask to reserve the area.

    If individuals would like assistance in researching a project, please call ahead to schedule an appointment.