• Triple P: Positive Parenting Program


    What is Triple P?

    Triple P is an internationally recognized evidence based program that gives parents the skills they need to raise confident and healthy children, manage behavior and prevent problems from occurring in the first place.

    Small Changes . . .

    How is it different?  It provides strategies that parents may choose, as needed, for their own situation-allowing them to create better relationships with their children, solve problems and become more confident in their parenting skills.

    Big Differences.

    How is it offered? Triple P is offered along with and through the many other services provided by Project Enlightenment including parent seminars, group sessions and private parenting support sessions.  Parents choose what works best for them.

    Triple P Can Help You

    • Raise happy, confident kids
    • Manage kid's behavior so everyone enjoys life more
    • Set family routines and rules that everyone follows
    • Get along with your kids and argue less
    • Balance work and family without stress


    For more information, please call 919-694-8991