Demonstration Classrooms

  • Two innovative pre-kindergarten classrooms are located at Project Enlightenment. The use of research-based best practices in early childhood education makes either of them an excellent pre-kindergarten experience for young four-year-old children that are not kindergarten eligible.

    Each classroom emphasizes that children “learn by doing.” This instructional focus, combined with an emphasis on literacy and promoted through inquiry-based learning techniques, is based on early learning standards for North Carolina preschoolers, adopted by the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction. The classrooms are organized into centers such as: the construction center, dramatic play, a creation station, music, a discovery center and a literacy center. The schedule typically includes a “together time” to begin the day, creative play time, clean-up, snack, outdoor play time and an assigned center time. Small group activities are provided for movement education and social skills.

    • The Demonstration Preschool (DPS) is an inclusive half-day classroom. It serves both children with developmental and/or social-emotional concerns and typically developing children. The application process for the upcoming 2023-2024 DPS classroom begins in January 2023 and concludes by the end of February 2023. Call our main number at 919.856.7774 if you are interested in more information about the application process. 


    • The Blended Classroom (BC) is a full-day classroom serving students funded by Title 1, NC PreK and WCPSS Preschool Education Services. It emphasizes research-based early literacy practices. Students are assigned to this classroom by the Wake County Public School System. For an application for this program, call Smart Start at 919-851-9550 and ask for a universal application. This application is not specific to Project Enlightenment but is a universal application for all Title I, NC PreK classrooms.

    Both classrooms at Project Enlightenment are "Guided Observation" sites. Guided Observations are designed for teachers of three- to five-year-olds and scheduled throughout the traditional school year. Participants that register will observe developmentally appropriate best practices occurring in one of the two inclusive pre-kindergarten classrooms serving four-year-olds. Following the observation, participants discuss and determine strategies for implementing best practices in their own classrooms. Some of the "best practices" participants might observe are: literacy-rich environments, phonological awareness and alphabet knowledge, building a caring classroom community, positive guidance strategies, and respectful teacher/child interactions. Check our workshop tab for more information about registering for a Guided Observation.