• Teacher/Parent Consultation


    Teacher Parent Consultants (TPCs) address classroom difficulties with behavior, social development and learning for children enrolled in preschools and child care facilities in Wake County. Requests for consultation can be made by directors/teachers.

    In public school kindergartens and in collaboration with School Intervention Teams, TPCs provide support to parents/families of public kindergarten children. Requests for consultation are made by elementary school principals. Call 919-856-7774 for more information. Please view the brief video for more information here:  TPC K Request for Consultation Process Video.


    Frequently Asked Questions



    A Virtual Consultation Service is currently available for Preschools and Child Care Centers in Wake County for young children birth through five years of age. TPC’s can address classroom difficulties with behavior, social development, and learning for children enrolled in Wake County preschools and child care centers. Directors/teachers can email tpc-pkconsult@wcpss.net to request the service.

    In preschools and childcare centers, a teacher may call Project Enlightenment and ask for a Request for Consultation form.  Both the parent and teacher sign and complete the form and return it to Project Enlightenment.  A consultant will contact the school to plan an observation.

    In public school kindergartens, a School Intervention Team Facilitator completes a School Request for Kindergarten Consultation form. The principal signs the completed form and School Intervention Team Facilitator returns it to Project Enlightenment. A consultant will contact the school.



    In the preschool/childcare setting, a consultant will contact the child’s teacher and schedule a day and time to observe in the classroom.  Following the observation, the consultant will meet with the child’s teacher and parent(s) to develop strategies that will best support the child in the classroom so that she or he experiences success.

    In the public kindergarten setting, a consultant will contact the School Intervention Team Facilitator/Principal to collaborate with School Intervention Teams and offer support and resources to parents/families.