• Teacher/Parent Consultation

    Teacher Parent Consultants (TPCs)  are available to address individual child concerns as well as whole classroom challenges with behavior, social development and learning. 


    • Individual Child Observation: Individual Child Observation is available for students who are not Kindergarten-eligible and reside in Wake County. Requests for consultation in preschools and childcare centers to observe a child must be made by directors/teachers and require parental permission. The director/teacher may call Project Enlightenment and ask for a Request for Consultation form. The entire form must be completed and signed by both director/teacher and parent before an observation can be scheduled. The completed form must be returned to Project Enlightenment and once received, a consultant will contact the school to plan an in-person observation.

    • Whole Classroom Consultation: Whole Classroom Consultation is provided to preschool and childcare center classrooms in Wake County. Personalized classroom consultations can be scheduled with teachers to support an area of selected need in one of the following areas: 

        • Classroom Design (room arrangement, learning centers, materials, etc.
        • Schedules and Routines (daily schedule, routines, teacher-directed activities, transitions)
        • Behavior Expectations and Rules (classroom rules, procedures, teacher language)
        • Positive Relationships (teacher behaviors, teacher-child engagement)
        • Effective Directions and Feedback (communication styles, addressing challenging behavior)

    TO SCHEDULE A CONSULTATION: Contact your school's assigned Teacher Parent Consultant, call 919-856-7774 or email tpcconsult@wcpss.net.

    Referrals for consultation received after May 1st will be scheduled based on the availability of the Teacher Parent Consultant. Consultation is not available for summer camps and special summer programs. 


    • Individual Child Observation:  A consultant will contact the child’s teacher and schedule a day and time to observe in the classroom.  Following the observation, the consultant will meet with the child’s teacher and parent(s) to develop strategies that will best support the child in the classroom so that she or he experiences success. If a disability is suspected, a referral will be made to Child Find.

    • Whole Classroom Consultation: The consultant will schedule a visit to meet the teacher, hear the teachers' concerns, and observe the classroom. Strategies and resources will be shared to support the teacher in meeting the diverse needs of all the children and to promote an inclusive and enriching learning environment.