What are digital Portfolios?


    • A Place Where Students Can Show Off Their “Best Me”
    • A Place To To Reflect On Their Learning
    • It’s Like An Online Resume or Online Scrapbook.
    • Can Be A Place Where A Project Is Submitted To You Like Google Classroom.
    • A Resource Students Can Take To An  Interview, College, Use For Any Application, or Any Future Career.


    Why are we having students create them ?


    • Part of WCPSS Vision 2020 Plan.  All WCPSS middle school students will create a digital portfolio to take with them to High School.  
    • For The Success Of Our Students


    WCPSS Digital Portfolio Information



    Digital Portfolio (and Warehouse) Comprehensive Guide Grades K-8


    5 Core Elements of Digital Portfolios

    • Classes   One of the ways student portfolios will evolve over time is the number, type, and level of Classes.  The Classes element will evolve, over time, in terms of the number, type, and grade level of classes from which students are sharing work. By evolving in this way, the Classes element helps students convey a richer picture of their growth over time and can help teachers learn more about their new students from year to year. 
    • Type (of learning artifact) Another way student portfolios can grow over time is by containing different Types of learning artifacts. By taking care to include things like videos, audio clips, multimedia presentations, 3D models, photographs, and embedded documents, students will help ensure they are providing a varied, more comprehensive look at their learning.  
    • Reflection  Undoubtedly, the Reflection is one of the most essential components of a good digital portfolio. By Reflecting on their progress and artifacts, either formatively while they are still in the process of learning a particular objective, or summatively when demonstrating understanding of a particular concept, students will better understand themselves as learners.
    •  Audience  The Audience element is one of the most straightforward components of the digital portfolio.  Who the portfolio is seen by ie. other students, teachers, colleges, etc.   
    •  Design  The Design element will evolve in the variety of ways discussed above. Exposing students to these concepts and to samples of exemplar portfolios can help move them towards an aesthetically appealing, well designed portfolio.


    Handout - Different Types of Digital Portfolio Posts

    Digital Portfolio Response Starters

    Digital Porfolio Migration "HOW TO" if you are leaving WCPSS

    Digital Portfolio template to help get you started

    • If you open this template, it is in "view only."
    • So when you see the file, right click on it and "make a copy."
    • This creates an editable copy in your Google drive.