• EWHS Yearbook Deadlines for Senior Year

    landerson@wcpss.net  Room 159   @YearbookEWHS       


    • No senior portrait will be accepted for yearbook submission after Nov. 5th. Prestige submits all portraits directly to us—you need to get your portrait taken! To schedule a studio appointment, call 919-881-8361 or visit prestigeportraits.com for more information
    • Prestige will be on campus Thursday, Sept. 27th for tux/drape yearbook portraits.The sitting fee is $15.  Students will receive appointment cards in the mail. If you do not receive an appointment card, see Ms. Anderson closer to that date. There will possibly be a retake day on Oct. 18th.
    • Submit baby picture by Nov. 5thto room 159 (or upload to REPLAYIT). No picture will be accepted after this date. Write first/last name on the back of picture or flash drive.  Picture will be returned.  If you upload to REPLAYIT, make sure to tag with your first/last name.
    • Cap/Gown portraits will be January 30th and will also have a $15 sitting fee as well as an extra fee for keychains ($10 for 2).

    SENIOR QUOTES (under your Senior Portrait)

    • Go to this link to submit your senior quote by Nov. 5th.  If you have trouble with the link you may bring your quote to room 159.  Please make sure to put your first/last name with your quote.  No more than 140 characters, please.


    • Submit senior ad and payment by Nov. 21st. You may bring to room 159 or go online at jostensadservice.com to pay with a credit card.  All pictures should be turned in digitally (flash drive, REPLAYIT, email).
    • Parents may work with a staff designer to create their ads on November 6thfrom 5:30-7:30 pm in the media center.
      • Full: $240 (10-12 pics)
      • Half: $180 (5-6 pics)  
      • Quarter: $125 (3-4 pics)  
      • Eighth: $50 (1-2 pics)
    • AD SPACE is limited. Last year ad space was full before final deadline. Order early to ensure your senior will have an ad!

    YEARBOOKS are on sale now!!  Order early for best pricing.

    • Online at jostensyearbooks.com or by cash, check, or money order in Room 159.$60 (plus tax)=$65 if you pay by check or cash to Ms. Anderson or go online to pay by credit card. Personalization costs extra.
    • Price will increase to $70 in December (that’s $66 + tax) and will continue to increase throughout the year.


    • Download this app to upload any photos you take throughout the school year.These photos might be used in the yearbook!  You can upload photos for your senior ads and baby pics.


    Senior Ad Information

    Why should I purchase an ad?

    It is totally up to you, but this is something that many parents want to do for their child to help him remember his time over the years; it’s a personal moment, something that can be a surprise or a nice memory to share.


    What size do I need to buy?

    • Senior Ads come in four sizes:
    • Full Page: $240 (typically can use up to 12 photos maximum)
    • Half Page: $180 (can use up to 9 photos)
    • Quarter Page: $125 (can use up to 6 photos)
    • Eighth Page: $50 (can use up to 2 photos)


    How do I design my ad?

    In most cases, the EWHS yearbook staff has to design the ad for you.  You should have all photos ready on a flash drive or CD so we can easily upload them to our program. You can also upload pics to ReplayIt—just make sure to tag them with your child’s name. If you need us to scan photos, we can do this, though it takes time. We will have a design night on Nov. 6thin the media center from 5:30 until 7:30 if you would like to assist in your design. Please bring photos with you. We will have examples for you to look over.

    You are allowed to submit your ad to us already designed as long as it is in a .pdf or .jpg format and fits our requirements. Please submit your finished ad via email to landerson@wcpss.net and make sure I respond that it is approved and works for our needs.

    **You are not allowed to use any pictures with students standing or lying near railroad tracks or carrying weaponry (unless it is for school-designated purposes such as ROTC or color guard.**


    Where do I purchase my ad?

    Go to www.jostensadservice.com or send a check to Ms. Anderson (room 159) that indicates your name and your child’s name. You can also purchase on Nov. 6thduring design night. Make checks payable to EWHS.


    What if I can’t come to design night and want to participate in designing my ad?

    You can contact Ms. Anderson and set up a time to meet with her. Email her at landerson@wcpss.net.


    What should I write on my ad?

    Say something personal. Include comments from family members, friends, etc. You can include quotes or Bible verses—anything that means something to you. We do have to be school-appropriate, but it is your ad; be yourself.


    Why are ads so expensive?

    These ads help to support the cost of our overall yearbook production. If we sell 260 yearbooks, which we have the last two years, the cost to us is approximately $24,000 each year, and we count on over $10,000 in ad sales to help supplement that cost. We don’t typically make a profit; we break even. You are essentially paying for the cost to print the page, which is in all color.