• Course and Credit Requirements

    North Carolina high school students are expected to meet specific course and credit requirements in order to receive a high school diploma. These requirements differ depending on when students entered ninth grade for the first time.

    Over the past few years, the State Board of Education has changed graduation requirements to better reflect the skills and knowledge needed for success at community colleges, colleges and universities, and in business and industry. The course and credit requirements in place for students entering ninth grade in fall 2009 and later are commonly known as the Future-Ready Core.

    To determine your course and credit requirements, look in the colored block for the section that matches when you entered ninth grade for the first time. Students should also be aware that Wake County may impose graduation requirements above state requirements. School counselors are available to answer any questions you may have about what you need to graduate.

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  • Promotion to Grade 10:

    Minimum of six credits: One credit must be English I, two must be in the areas of mathematics, social studies, or science and three additional credits to total six.

    Promotion to Grade 11:

    Minimum of twelve credits: Two credits must be English I and English II, one must be mathematics, one social studies and one science, plus seven additional credits to total twelve.


    Promotion to Grade 12:

    Minimum of eighteen credits: Three credits must be English I, English II and English III, and enrollment in remaining courses required to graduate.


Last Modified on May 7, 2017