• Congratulations to our 2023 - 2024 Teacher of the Year, Mr. Deniz Solakoglu.

    Coach Solakoglu is an amazing educator and a phenomenal coach. He truly embodies the core values of Green Level High School - Kindness, Community, Self & World Awareness, Leadership, and Balance. He is always willing to lend a hand, build meaningful relationships with his colleagues and students, and is just an all around kind person. He is a passionate educator who always seeks to understand his students and finds ways to support them so they can be their best selves.

    Here is what his colleagues have to say about him:

    "Deniz is intentional with everything he does! He creates relationships with his students that extend beyond the classroom. His class is a real-world goldmine! His extensive knowledge, gained from working in corporate, makes his students take note of what he teaches. Deniz is compassionate! He cares! If a student is struggling, he finds a way to help the student learn and grow, even if it means giving up his own personal time! Deniz Solakoglu is the real deal!"

    "Deniz is committed to creating a loving, environment that engages students in real life application that makes student learning authentic. He cares for each student and is motivating to work with in creating cross-curricular learning with teachers in other subject areas. I am proud to work along-side such a caring and creative teacher."

    "Deniz is a great listener, calm, caring, and is intentional about the work he gives. He gives students real life examples on how they can apply his content to their life. He makes it relevant."


    We look forward to celebrating Deniz as our Gator of the Year!