• Partnerships and Advisory Board

    The Advisory Board is advisory to Rolesville High School and their Academy of Digital Arts and Project Management. The Advisory Board is an integral part of the learning experience for all academy students, bringing the world of the classroom with the world of college and careers.


    The primary objectives of the Advisory Board are to:

    • Collaborate with the academy to prepare students for success in college and careers.
    • Review academy data, participate in the Academy Assessments when needed, and provide input on the academy action plan.
    • Provide teachers with curriculum support and professional development.
    • Assist students with classroom projects.
    • Provide students with a sequence of work-based learning experiences, including unpaid internships, based on the academy's work-based learning plan.
    • Serve as an advocate for the academy.
    • Provide and solicit financial support from the community to ensure Academy sustainability.