Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the Digital Arts and Project Management Business Academy?

    The Digital Arts and Project Management Business Academy is a small learning community within Rolesville High School.  It is designed as a four-year program able to accommodate 50 students in each grade level cohort.  Students take a sequence of courses over the four years along with core academic classes with the engineering theme woven through the curriculum.  In addition to the coursework, the student completes a series of work-based learning experiences.  This strategy better prepares students for both college and careers. 

    Who is the Academy for?

    Under current school board policy, only students assigned to Rolesville High School may apply for and be admitted into the Academy.  The Academy has an open and equitable application process that results in a student body that reflects the demographics of the RHS community. Students are admitted into the Academy prior to their freshman year.  Students must be on the standard course of study and should enjoy business and being in classes with like-minded students.  

    Is the Academy only for students interested in Digital Arts and Project Management?

    No.  While most students in the Academy are interested in business careers, the skills students learn in the Academy are transferable to any career field.  Students develop critical thinking, problem-solving, and communication skills.  

    What are the benefits of being enrolled in the Academy?

    While there are a number of benefits to being in a career academy, here's the Top 10:

    • Being part of a small learning community
    • Classes grouped with like-minded peers
    • Project-based learning
    • Real-world applications
    • Career exploration: site visits, job shadowing, mentorships
    • Support from businesses and post-secondary institutions
    • College & career-focused courses
    • Competitive edge to college applications and resume
    • Career-related internship
    • 100% graduation rate

     Why is a lottery used?

    According to school board policy, a career academy should be homogeneous to the school's student population.  A lottery is the most equitable method to achieve this.  Interest in business, grades, teacher recommendations are not a factor in admittance, although students must submit teacher recommendations as part of the application process. 

    Can students take honors and AP level classes while in the Academy?

    The Academy has cohort classes in core subject areas in Honors History and Honors English. Students are encouraged to participate in these cohorted core classes. If students would like to pursue honors and AP classes, especially outside of the cohorted core classes, they are encouraged to do so. From 9th through 12th grade, students can take AP courses (these classes are outside the Academy cohort).  Taking AP courses does not change a student's status in the Academy. The North Carolina Department of Public Instruction determines the weight of a course. 

    Can students take other elective courses?

    Yes. While students are required to take specific pathway courses in addition to an internship, there is still room in their schedule to take other elective courses.  

    How should incoming freshmen register for classes?

    Incoming freshmen should register for classes as if they are not in the academy.  Once pulled into the program, classes will be adjusted to reflect the academy cohort classes. 

    Is the Academy more difficult?

    No. All Academy courses follow the NC standard course of study.  What's different is the integration of pathway topics into core classes, interdisciplinary teaching, and project-based learning.  Work-based learning and soft skills are also a strong focus in Academy classes.  Academy students have many projects that involve working in a team and giving presentations.  Students are challenged to apply the knowledge and to develop skills rather than memorize information for a final assessment. 

    Are there any conflicts with athletics or clubs? 

    No. Many Academy students participate in athletics and extra-curricular clubs.

    Are there any conflicts with Band or Performing Arts?

    While it can be challenging trying to fit year-long Performing Arts classes into a schedule for a student in the Academy, to date, it hasn't been impossible. If a student is interested in Band or Performing Arts, we need to have open lines of communication when working on registration and scheduling. Please know that students cannot always have everything they want in their schedules, and it may be necessary for students to make a choice, especially depending on which Academy pathway they wish to pursue. 

    Are there any costs associated with the Academy?

    Yes. Students are required to purchase an Academy shirt to wear for presentations and for off-campus learning experiences.  In addition, students must pay the expenses associated with field trips. The inability to pay will not have any impact on student participation in the Academy.  Funding is available for these situations. 

    Can students drop out of the Academy? 

    We typically have a waitlist for the Academy and we don't fill spots after a cohort's freshman year.  We expect students and their families to seriously consider their decision to enroll because we expect a four-year commitment to the program.