For Students

  • Library Procedures

    We are open before first period. If utilizing a Media Center resource makes you late for class, we will not write passes.

    We are open during class time, but you must bring a signed yellow pass.

    We open for both halves of SMART Lunch. More info can be found further down on this page.

    After school, we are open briefly for our usual services and for socializing. 

  • Printing

    Printing is free for students.

    Students may print up to 10 pages at a time (5 if front-and-back) for school-related purposes only.

    Additional guidelines are listed in the Media Center.

  • SMART Lunch Guidelines

    We allow students to come into the Media Center for either the A or B half of SMART Lunch each day provided we are not closed.

    We require students to sign-up on All-Timely regardless of how briefly they visit us.

    We ask that students follow these rules:

    • Keep Voices to a Whisper
    • No Food or Drink
    • Find a Seat and Remain Seated
    • No Floating from Table to Table

Resources for Students