• PCHS Universal Expectations

    Be present and on time
    Be prepared for and engaged in learning
    Be a person of character
    Be safe and comply with PCHS and WCPSS policies


    PCHS Tardy Policy and Procedure

    • Students are considered tardy to class if they are outside of the classroom when the bell rings.  (Students’ personal belongings being placed in the classroom does not constitute student arrival to class).
    • Staff will admit tardy students to class and record the tardy.  
    • After a students’ 2nd unexcused tardy to that class, the teacher will contact the family.
    • If a student is tardy 3 or more times in a quarter, staff will follow the matrix below, depending on the tier.
    • Teachers will notify administrators of each unexcused tardy for that quarter, starting with Level 2.



    Tardy Range

    Consequence Assignment Options

    Staff Assigning



    Contact Parent




    Lunch Detention
    Off-Campus Lunch Pass Suspension (1 Day)




    ALC  (Half Day)
    Parking Pass Suspension (1 week)
    Off-Campus Lunch Pass Suspension (1 week)




     ALC (Full Day)
    Parking/Lunch Pass Revocation (rest of semester)



    Additional Information

    • Any tardies caused by a disruption to district-provided transportation will be excused.
    • Families should plan in advance for extended carpool times. Tardies due to slow carpool traffic will not be excused. If the line is slow, once students are on school grounds, they can exit cars and walk towards their classes.
    • Students who are late for school due to an approved reason (listed in Board Policy 4400) may check in at the Attendance Office with his or her note and will receive a pass to class. 
  • Attendance Forms

    This form must be turned in a minimum of three days (preferably more) before the absence to allow time for processing.  If the student is going on a college visit they must ask the admissions office for verification of the visit. This is to be brought to the Attendance office upon returning to school.