For Staff

Media Center Schedule

  • The Media Center is open for classes!

    We would love to work with you and your students or provide your class with a place to work.

    To schedule a time, take a look at the Calendar linked to the left. Email us to book a slot.


  • Lamination Projects may be dropped off at the Media Center Circulation Desk. We will email you when they are finished.

    If your project is small, we may hold off on laminating it so we can laminate it alongside a larger project and save on film.


  • The Media and Technology Advisory Committee (MTAC) is directed to set goals and priorities, promote initiatives, communicate expectations, evaluate program effectiveness, solve problems, handle challenges to instructional materials, advocate for the media and technology program, identify and recommend resources, hardware, and infrastructure.

    All staff members are welcome to join MTAC or attend meetings.

    Panther Creek MTAC Members:

    Chair - Sharon Purucker
    Admin - Greg Decker and Grey Mangum
    Arts - Heather Harris
    CTE - Ferron Adkins
    English - Kathleen Mulrine
    Healthful Living - Amanda Morris
    Math - TBD
    Science - Courtney Wayand
    Social Studies - Chad Oakley
    SPED - Alex Collier
    World Languages - TBD

Resources for Staff