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Mr. Ken Smith

About: Hello! My code name is Ken Smith.  I am the Grade 5 ELA/Social Studies teacher. I've been at Washington since 2018 and have been teaching for over 20 years. I graduated from Ohio University. My experiences in teaching includes stints at schools in Sampson County and in Wake County. I am married to my lovely wife, Christine, also a teacher.  I consider her the reading queen and you will often find her with a good book.  My stepson, Henry, is a superb and avid rock climber who is a coach, route-setter, and individual instructor at all the Triangle Rock Clubs.  He is also a student, studying natural resources, at North Carolina State University.  My stepdaughter, Mary, is an award-winning and talented artist and is the family stand-up comedian.  She is a student at Broughton High School.  Our dog, Jasper, is a champion napper, loves the sun, and is a bed hog.  

I am an Ohio native, growing up in suburban Cleveland. I am a life-long fan of the Indians and the Browns.  What is that saying…Misery loves company?  Cleveland sports fans have endured seasons of misery and heartbreaks. If you enjoy baseball, you may see me occasionally on the field at the Durham Bulls Athletic Park.  I work several games over the summer as a member of the Ground Crew. I enjoy reading; listening to music, especially my vinyl records; watching movies; hiking; traveling, and watching sunsets and clouds rolling by. I look forward to a great year and helping every one of my students achieve “whole” success.

Alumni: Ohio University

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