History of the Broughton Community Service Program

  • The Community Service Program at Broughton High School was established during the 1994-1995 school year under the leadership of Diane Payne, Principal; Sandra Coats, Teacher; and Jayne VanGraafeiland, Coordinator, Community Service Program. Advisory Council members originally established the Mission Statement for the program to be:

    "The Community Service Program at Broughton High School is designed to teach citizenship skills and the value of serving others. Service is a value firmly positioned in the mission of the school." 

    The Community Service Program has been an integral part of the educational community at Broughton High School and has been fully integrated as a part of the learning environment. Despite having a 0 hour requirement for their Junior and Senior year, (because of Covid19), the Class of 2021 completed a total of 44,432 hours of community service hours for Broughton and for non-profits in the Triangle area, in North Carolina and all over the world. Volunteer activities have included serving dinner at the Salvation Army, church and community mission trips in other countries, coaching students for Special Olympics and volunteering for agencies such as Interact, Boy Scouts of America, The NC Art Museum, The NC Food Bank, YMCA, Habitat for Humanity, Planned Parenthood, The NC Science Museum and many more. Many graduates report that volunteering was one of the most gratifying experiences of their high school years at Broughton High School. 

    Contact Information for Community Service: Mr. David Cassady, Assistant Principal, Broughton High School, 723 St. Marys Street, Raleigh, NC  27605, email: broughtonhsservice@wcpss.net


Service Hours Photo
Service Hours Photo