• Any attendance notes may be sent to the following email: Please copy and paste it into the address line on your email browser. This email is checked regularly each school day. You will receive an automated reply when your email is received.  Personal replies will be sent when needed.  Thank you for your understanding.
    • Students over 16, who are driving themselves and need to check out early, are to bring a note from a parent/guardian between 7:00 – 7:20 a.m. to the Attendance Office (date, time, parent signature, valid telephone number(s) and reason for leaving). Notes may be verified by calling the parent phone number listed in Power School. The student will be issued a release slip to show teachers. They will be released from class and should go directly to their vehicle and leave campus. 


    • For students under 16 or if a parent/guardian needs to check out a student of any age during the day, the parent must come to the front door (under the right portico) and ring the doorbell to check the student out. You will be asked why you are at school, your student’s name, and your name. Parents will be asked for ID.  Please allow extra time for checkouts as some classrooms are far from the front door. NO 'WALK-IN" CHECKOUTS ARE PERMITTED BETWEEN  1:45 and 2:18 p.m.  


    • DO NOT CALL OR EMAIL THE SCHOOL TO CHECK OUT YOUR STUDENT. If your student did not bring a note from home, a parent must come to check the student out.  If your student texts you that they do not feel well, please tell them to tell their teacher and go to the front office for assistance.  We will call you for your student and discuss options for your student to go home.