• Absence notes are due to the attendance office within 2 school days of the student returning to campus after an absence.  They may be turned in at the front office or they may be sent to the following email:     Please copy and paste it into the address line on your email browser. This email is checked each school day, usually at the end of the school day. You will receive an automated reply when your email is received.  Personal replies will be sent when needed.  Thank you for your understanding.


    Student wishing to have excused absences for educational reasons must turn in the completed "Request for and Excused Educational Absence" form at least 3 days prior to the event to allow time for the form to be reviewed and approved by our principal before the event. The link for the form is below or you may pick up a copy in the main office.

    Please click the link for  Attendance Guidelines for checkout information. NO 'WALK-IN" CHECKOUTS ARE PERMITTED BETWEEN 1:45 p.m. and 2:18 p.m.  

    DO NOT CALL OR EMAIL THE SCHOOL TO CHECK OUT YOUR STUDENT. If your student did not bring a note from home, a parent must come to check the student out.  If your student texts you that they do not feel well, please tell them to tell their teacher and go to the front office for assistance.  We will call you for your student and discuss options for your student to go home.