School Improvement

  • The purpose of school improvement is to improve achievement and outcomes for every student by working to eliminate the ability to predict achievement based on socioeconomic status, race, and ethnicity.

    We do this by collaboratively and continuously analyzing data and making decisions considering the unique needs of the learning community and the district's strategic plan.

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  • 2023-2024 School Improvement Team Membership

    Name Role
    Alfaro, Amy Teacher
    Brooks, Dr. David Coordinator
    Calabrese, Chrissy
    Intervention Coordinator
    Vacancy Assistant Principal
    Closs, Ava Coordinator
    Conover, Nathan Parent
    Cox, Taylor Teacher
    Creech, Elizabeth Parent
    Daughenbaugh, Lisa Coordinator
    Daughety, Nancy Coordinator
    Demby, Laura Teacher
    Dilts, Janiece Principal
    Graves, Betsy Teacher
    Greene, Leah Teacher
    Gulewich, Beth Assistant Principal
    Hamilton, Ann Teacher
    Harrell, Brenda Assistant Principal
    Hatch, Adam Assistant Principal
    Hill, Debbie Parent
    Jenkins, Cory Teacher
    Johnson, Kamesha Assistant Principal
    Kinkaid, Jodie Teacher
    Lane, Heather Teacher
    Longrie, Ann Teacher
    McDuffie, Duke ROTC
    Nichols, Barbara Teacher
    Nyko, Ina Psychologist
    Omer, Kristen Teacher
    Pattisal-Williams, Juliana Teacher
    Sauls, Thomas Dean of Students
    Thompson, Taahira Instructional Assistant
    Trowell, Andrea Coordinator
    Tunney, Angie Teacher
    Urso-Hignutt, Andrea Teacher
    Ward, Graymon Teacher
    Whitehurst, Gloria Teacher (BT)
    Whiteside, Lock Assistant Principal

    School Improvement Team Members were voted on for approval by the BHS staff by September 8, 2023.

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