School Profile

    LRMS Leesville Road Middle School is a strong school with a rich history of encouraging, engaging, and challenging our students to reach their full potential. Teachers collaborate with team members to determine goals and educational experiences that match or exceed the curricular requirements, use a variety of assessment tools, and review and analyze data with student achievement being the strategic directive. All teachers are dedicated to changing the culture of education; we are people-powered and purpose-driven. Leesville Road Middle School is situated on the greater Leesville Schools campus which includes an elementary, middle, and high school. Our community has embraced this twenty-first-century version of the "one-room schoolhouse."
    Our staff readily uses such instructional processes and action steps integrating technology through cooperative learning groups, seminars, small group work and projects, hands-on activities, and higher-order questioning techniques to reach the wide range of diverse learning styles present on our campus. We encourage creativity through choices in activities, the arts, problem-solving, critical thinking skills, and value for intellectual risk-taking. We focus on accountability and closing the achievement gap. The staff at Leesville Road Middle School is committed to exploring creative and innovative ideas geared toward improving learning for all children.