Gator Time

  • Our Gator Time period consists of Advisory and Connectivity. The purpose of Gator Time is to support the holistic health and well-being of our students.


    During Advisory, students will meet in a small group with their assigned staff advisor. Throughout the year, Advisory classes will focus primarily on building relationships. Additional topics may include:

    • CliftonStrengths
    • Academic Progress
    • Grade-Level-Specific Programming
    • Connectivity Registration

    Questions regarding Advisory should be directed to Ms. Peaks at


    Students sign up for Connectivity sessions using AllTimely. Connectivity programming includes:

    • Student Clubs/Organizations
    • Recreational and Leisure Activities
    • Academic Tutorial and Enrichment
    • Study Hall

     Questions regarding Connectivity should be directed to Mr. Viens at


    Students must register for Connectivity sessions via AllTimely. Here's how to register:

    1. Go to (use a web browser for full functionality).
    2. Enter your username and password and click "sign in."
    3. When you first log into AllTimely, you will be prompted to change your password. Please create a password that you will remember and store it in a safe place.
    4. Select “My Calendar” and click the appropriate day.
    5. Use the drop-down menu to view the programming options.
    6. Make your selection, press OK, and verify it by looking at your calendar.

    Questions regarding AllTimely should be directed to Mr. Viens at