Welcome to Wake Young Women’s Leadership Academy, Home of the Owls!  We are pleased to share information about our school.  Wake Young Women’s Leadership Academy was established in 2012 to provide educational opportunities for young women in a rigorous single-gender academic program. We emphasize leadership development, entrepreneurship, and community service. Our school serves approximately 50 students per grade level in grades 6 through 13. 

    We are staffed by a team of educators who are dedicated to the academic and social progress of all children. As a staff, we commit to our school’s mission and vision for every Wake Young Women’s Leadership Academy student. We support, enrich, and empower each young woman to become learners and leaders in local and global environments. We prepare young women for life-long learning through rigorous instruction. We collaborate with our students, parents, community members, and each other to create a successful school.

    Thank you for taking the time to explore Wake Young Women’s Leadership Academy, a learning community that is committed to developing young women who are ready to learn and ready to lead.

    Ready to Lead, Ready to Learn, Ready to Serve!