High School Program

  • With a rigorous schedule of honors core classes, we prepare students to enter our early college setting by junaior year.  A typical OWL will earn all of her high school credits by the end of her sophomore year, with the exception of English 3 & 4, American History and Healthful Living.  Schedules are subject to change based on course offerings and student needs.  Please reference this sample schedule for a student who has completed CC Math I and Spanish I in the 8 grade:

    9th Grade 

    1.     Math II Honors

    1.  English I Honors

    2.      PE/Healthful Living

    2.  Math III Honors

    3.      World History Honors

    3.  Biology Honors

    4.      Spanish II

    4.  CTE Elective


    10th Grade

     1.  Pre-Calculus

     1. AP Environmental Science

     2.  Chemistry Honors

     2.  Elective

     3.  English II Honors

     3.  Civics & Economics Honors

     4.  CTE Elective

     4.  Spanish III Honors

    *Students who take Math 8 in 8th grade will take CC Math I and CC Math II Honors in 9thgrade.

WCPSS High School Programs

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