• WYWLA Carpool Guidelines

    Over 50% of our WYWLA families use carpool to arrive and depart campus. It is imperative that we work together to ensure all students arrive safely and depart safely. We share our space with Governor Morehead School of the Blind. It is critical that our parents follow the traffic patterns outlined, as our GMS partners teach their students how to navigate based on this information. Speeding, using cell phones, trying to jump the line, and using different routes defeats the purpose of safety for our students and GMS students.


    Carpool Video

    Carpool Expectations:

    Enter through the South Gate on Western Blvd.  All other entries are for GMS staff, WCPSS staff, and WCPSS buses.

    • Stop at the sign (indicated by the red 

              line) prior to 7:10

    • Wait for a staff member to begin

             carpool dropoff

    • Follow the green highlighted pathway

    • Refrain from traveling in restricted 

              spaces (in the above map)

    • Pull through the circle 

    • Wait to be waved on when exiting to 

              Western Blvd. 

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