• The Community Service Program at Wake Young Women's Leadership Academy was established during the inception of the school in 2012. 

    The Community Service Program at Wake Young Women's Leadership Academy is designed to teach our young women leadership and citizenship skills through the value of serving others. 

    We believe Community Service is a critical component of the educational community at Wake Young Women's Leadership Academy. Community service is integrated into our community as a part of the learning environment. Community service is an important aspect of the WYLWA experience. It’s a great way to give back and make a difference. Students may be recognized for their community service annually. 8th graders who have earned all their Middle School service hours can be recognized at their promotion ceremony. Additionally, Seniors who earn all their high school hours of service by their senior year at WYWLA are recognized at graduation.

    All students are encouraged to grow as leaders by serving their communities.  At the end of each semester, we will recognize students who are ready to serve as demonstrated through their community service activities. The following community service expectations have been established as guidelines for each grade level.

    • 6th Grade              10 hours
    • 7th Grade              15 hours
    • 8th Grade              20 hours
    • 9th Grade              25 hours
    • 10th Grade            30 hours
    • 11th Grade            35 hours
    • 12th Grade            40 hours

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