• Parent Partnerships

    Parents play a vital role in supporting Wake Young Women's Leadership Academy, as their involvement is crucial for the success and overall development of their student. By reflecting respect, collaboration, and demonstrating a partnership in their child's educational journey, parents create a positive and nurturing environment that fosters academic growth and emotional well-being. When parents partner in positive communication with their child's teacher, it encourages open communication and instills confidence in the student. Providing unwavering support and encouragement through both successes and challenges builds resilience and a sense of security in the student's pursuit of excellence. Additionally, active partnership between parents and staff fosters a sense of community and shared responsibility, ultimately benefiting the student's overall academic and personal growth. By working collaboratively, parents and educators can better understand and address the unique needs and strengths of each young woman, ensuring she receives the guidance and resources necessary to thrive in her educational journey and beyond.

    Agreeing to join our community fosters responsibility for both our students, but also our parents.



    I am a Wake Young Women’s Leadership Academy parent.

    I embrace the challenges of raising a leader.

    I commit to creating a healthy, supportive and empowering environment for our young women.

    I partner with faculty, staff, students, other parents and community members with respect and integrity to lead our young women to success.

    I model the way in my actions and fulfill my commitments.

    I involve myself in the school and contribute my time and talents where I am able.

    I provide resources our students need to be successful in achieving their goals.

    I listen mindfully and give consideration to the ideas of others.

    I share my ideas and thoughts in service to the open, diverse and caring environment that makes us strong.

    I am Wake Young Women’s Leadership Academy.