High School Program

  • With a rigorous schedule of honors core classes, we prepare students to enter our early college setting by junior year.  A typical OWL will earn all of her high school credits by the end of her sophomore year, with the exception of English 3 & 4, American History and Healthful Living.  Schedules are subject to change based on course offerings and student needs.  Please reference this sample schedule for a student who has completed CC Math I and Spanish I in the 8 grade:

    9th Grade 

    1.     CC Math II Honors

    1.  English I Honors

    2.      Elective

    2.  CC Math III Honors

    3.      World History Honors

    3.  Biology Honors

    4.      Spanish II

    4.  CTE Elective


    10th Grade

     1.  CC Math IV Honors

     1. Earth/Environmental Science

     2.  Chemistry Honors

     2.  Elective

     3.  English II Honors

     3.  Civics & Economics Honors

     4.  CTE Elective

     4.  Spanish III Honors

    *Students who take Math 8 in 8th grade will take CC Math I in 9thgrade and CC Math II Honors and CC Math III Honors in 10th grade.  They will take CC Math IV Honors in 11th grade at Saint Augustine’s.

WCPSS High School Programs

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