World Languages

  • photo of the world languages teachers

    Pictured left to right: Ari Alonso, Roger Collins, and Gloria Amerson.

  • The ability to communicate with others is central to human nature. Throughout the ages, humans have been able to share information, interests, needs, and values over time and space and, thus, have influenced others by their actions and their words. In recent years, technology tools have brought the world closer and have erased many of the existing borders. As boundaries between countries are dissolving, the need for learning world languages has become a necessary component for linking with the rest of the world and for producing an enlightened citizenship able to function in today's global marketplace.


    World Languages offers the following courses:  Spanish I, Spanish II, Spanish III (honors), Spanish IV (honors), French I, French II, and French III (honors).


    The high school graduation requirements follow the University of North Carolina (UNC) System minimum admission requirements which are "two credits in the same second language or demonstration of proficiency in a language other than English as determined by the local educational agency (LEA)."


    World Languages’ NC Course of Study