Degrees and Certifications:

Adriana Quiros, First Grade Spanish Immersion

Hi there! My name is Adriana Quirós and I’m from the beautiful paradise of Costa Rica. Education is my passion and I’ve had the opportunity to share it with the wonderful kids and staff at Jeffreys Grove since 2018. I love to travel around the world, listen to music and spend a lot of time in the outdoors, especially at the beach, looking for some water adventures! (or any adventures at all).

My Education

Bachelor in Bilingual Preschool, university degree in Learning Disabilities and master’s degree in Early Stimulation (Children’s development from 0-6 years old).

My Favorites

Food: Everything! But especially, Costa Rican, Italian, Mexican.

Drink:  Water, coffee with skim milk and diet coke.

Movie: All type of movies!

Book: More of a podcast girl 😊

Color: All colors, I guess, rainbow colors

Season: Fall

Sport:  Soccer to watch, any water sport!

Fast Food:  Chipotle, Guasaca

Band/Music: Incubus, Jack Johnson

Store: Target, Amazon

Subject: Social Studies, Psychology

Dessert:  Brownie, “Torta Chilena”

Candy: Milk chocolates!

Flower: All the ones that smell nice!