Final Exams

  • First Semester Exam Info

    Exam Schedule:

    • 1/20/23 - 1st Period Class
    • 1/23/23 - 2nd Period Class
    • 1/24/23 - 3rd Period Class
    • 1/25/23 - 4th Period Class
    • 1/26/23 - Make-Up Exams
    • 1/27/23 - Teacher Workday

    Please review the Final Exam Schedule below.

    • All exams will begin at 7:25 am.
    • Students will be dismissed from their exam locations when ALL students in that location have completed their exam.
    • Students who drive to school or ride in carpool can be picked up in carpool or leave at that time.
    • Bus riders will wait in the Commons Area until 12:18pm, when buses will depart.
    • Students who are taking state exams are required to take their exams and senior exemptions do not apply.
    • All students taking exams must complete an Early Dismissal Form indicating which type of transportation they will be riding after exams. Those forms are linked HERE.

    Students who have classes with teacher-made exams may have exam exemptions if certain criteria is met OR that class may have a project portfolio in lieu of a traditional final exam. In these cases, the teachers will provide students with a form for parents to sign indicating that they do not need to attend the scheduled exam. These forms must be signed by parents and returned to their classroom teacher no later than 1/19/23.


    Second Semester Exam Info  

    Semester 2 Final Exams: June 5-9


    Senior Exam Exemptions

    Seniors who have a final grade of C or better in a course that does not require a state exam will be considered exempt.

    The following courses DO NOT qualify for an exemption

    End of Course Exams:

    • Math 1
    • Math 3
    • Biology
    • English 2

    NC Post Assessments:

    • Accounting 1
    • Accounting 2
    • Biomedical Technology 1
    • AP Computer Science Principles
    • AP Computer Science
    • Fashion Merchandising
    • Foods and Nutrition 1
    • Foods and Nutrition 2
    • Health Science 1
    • Hospitality and Tourism
    • Interior Design Fundamentals
    • Marketing
    • Project Management 1
    • Sports and Entertainment Marketing 1
    • Sports and Entertainment Marketing 2
    • Woodworking 1

    The following courses do not have a state final exam or a teacher-made exam. These courses DO NOT qualify for a senior exemption.

    The following courses offer a credential as part of the course:

    • Adobe Video
    • Adobe Visual
    • CompTIA IT Fundamentals
    • Computer Engineering 1
    • Computer Engineering 2
    • Interior Design Technology
    • Microsoft Excel
    • Microsoft Word and PowerPoint
    • Pharmacy Tech
    • Python Programming 1
    • Woodworking 2

    The following courses require Performance-Based Measurement (could be a project or portfolio).

    • Entrepreneurship 1
    • Entrepreneurship 2
    • Health Science 2
    • Interior Design Studio

    The following courses require a portfolio and presentation in lieu of a final exam

    • Apprenticeships
    • CTE Advanced Studies
    • Internships