• Carpool Procedures

    Procedures apply from 8:40—9:20 am & 3:50-4:20 pm

    • Focus on traffic and student safety and limit cell phone use.
    • Please have your carpool tag out and visible.
    • ENTER Fayetteville street from Western Blvd and turn RIGHT into the carpool entrance. Stay close to the curb on Fayetteville street to allow buses and local traffic to pass. Cars may not turn left from Fayetteville street into the carpool entrance.
    • EXIT carpool making RIGHT turns only onto Fayetteville Street. Cars may take Keeter Drive through Walnut Terrace Apts to Wilmington Street or Prospect or Maywood to get to South Saunders Street.
    • Enter the carpool lane on campus, cross the first speed bump on the hill, CARPOOL uses left lane & follow the left turn arrow to enter carpool. WALK UP traffic stays in the right lane, proceeds to the back of the building and parks by the cafeteria.
    • AM Drop Off: Each car pulls up along side one of eight marked cones. Students are ready to exit their car; you do not need to wait for a staff member to open your car door. The 8 cars move out together in a line. Do not pull out and around other cars.
    • PM Pick up: Pull up alongside the eight marked cones. Cars move out together in a line as the next 8 cars pull in. Do not pull out and around other cars. Your child should open the door and quickly load. Staff and Safety Patrol are located in the loading areas to assist if needed.
    • Families may not drop off or pick up students on Fayetteville Street. Families who live in Walnut Terrace Apts can let their child out on Yeargin St. to cross with the crossing guard. Parking is permitted on Fayetteville Street in labeled areas if coming into the school.
    • Do not get out of your vehicle while waiting in the carpool lane to look for/pick up your child.
    • Only drop off students along the curb, not the outside lane. You may not pull in the staff parking area to drop off students.
    • The carpool lane closes at 9:15 a.m. Students arriving at school after 9:15 a.m. must be escorted inside by an adult, through the front doors.
Carpool Route Map
  • Students that will use carpool to go home on any given day need a carpool number. Complete the form below and a pair of carpool tags will be sent home with your student. This form can also be completed during the year if you need to update permission for adults that are allowed to use your carpool number and pick up your student(s).  This form would not be used to identify adults that pick up a student from the office.

    Carpool Number Application/Request Form