• A template for appeal letters can be found here:  Appeal Letter Template

    1. Only the candidate can initiate the appeal process.  Parent/guardian contact on behalf of a candidate will not receive a response.

    2. Compose a written appeal in the form of a business letter (Appeal Letter Template) addressed to the faculty council. Save your letter as a PDF and email it to ajboyd@wcpss.net before the deadline.

    3. Do not include your name in the letter. It is essential that the faculty council review appeals without bias. Using your student ID number instead of your name ensures an anonymous, and therefore fair, evaluation of all candidates.

    4. Explain why your application should be reconsidered.  Address the leadership, character, and/or service qualities that were identified to be below our chapter selection standards in your non-selection notification.  Provide clarification and verification documents, if needed.

    5. Your appeal will be reviewed by the faculty council, who will decide whether the appeal is granted and National Honor Society membership is offered.

    6. The deadline for the appeal will be one (1) calendar week after the date on the candidate’s non-selection letter at 2:18 pm.

    Note: Before the deadline, Mrs. Boyd is willing to review candidate information forms with students who would like to better themselves or gather more information before appealing their non-selection. This is a courtesy, and it is not part of the appeal process. This is not an opportunity to challenge the faculty council’s decision or plead your case.  Mrs. Boyd is not a voting member of the council and cannot make decisions regarding membership. 

    Please keep in mind that NHS membership is a privilege, not a right, and that your school’s faculty council has every authority to withhold membership.