• Differentiated Educational Plans & Annual Reviews

    Differentiated Education Plans and Differentiated Course Plans

    Students who meet the criteria for specified service options receive a Differentiated Education Plan [DEP]. The Differentiated Education Plans (DEPs) for middle school students are developed at the beginning of each academic year by the AIG Resource Teacher in collaboration with the regular education teachers. The DEP is reviewed and amended as needed during the academic year. Differentiated Course Plans (DCPs) are written yearly highlighting AIG program goals, content, and evaluation for each student. DCPs are amended as needed during the academic year. Both the DEP and the DCP are reviewed during the Annual Performance Review process. Parents can request a meeting to discuss any recommended change in service level that is made by the School Based Committee for Gifted Education.

    Annual Review

    The Annual Performance Review process for identified students determines the need for changes in placement to ensure that appropriate program options are matched to current needs. The SBC-GE will convene every spring to review the student's performance status and academic recommendations may be made. The SBC-GE may recommend modifications in the DEP for a more appropriate placement.
    Identified students who are not performing according to the instructional placement and are not performing to the level of their cognitive ability may be placed on an Individual Differentiated Education Plan (IDEP) for either one semester or for an entire academic year as appropriate. The SBC-GE, AIG contact, counselors, teachers, and parents are involved collectively in this process.

    The student may also be provided an Instructional Support Plan (ISP-1) as needed. Any students experiencing academic difficulty in K-12 may be provided with an Instructional Support Plan in an effort to encourage, assist, and promote their success in the academic setting. Parents are notified in writing if changes to the Service Delivery Levels are recommended.