• Women in Engineering

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     Why should I become an Engineer?
    • You'll have the power to make a difference!  By becoming an engineer, you can help solve problems that are important to society.
    • You'll get to do cool stuff!  Be the first to develop or try out a new technology.  Engineers are involved in making all the wonders of the future a reality.
    • You'll be working with other talented people!  Engineering is a team effort.  As an engineer, you may be working on projects with experts in many different fields and people from different backgrounds.  
    • You'll have lots of options!  Engineers work everywhere from large corporations to owning their own small firm.  Engineers are employed at manufacturing plants, hospitals, research labs, construction sites, government agencies, and a lot more.   An engineering education will prepare you for many different careers. 
    • You'll have job security.  Engineers have significantly higher starting salaries than college graduates with a bachelor's degree in many other fields.  We will always need people like engineers to solve problems and come up with new ways of thinking and doing things.  
    While women make up 57.1% of all professional workers, they are underrepresented in STEM fields. Women represent less than 25% of the total workforce in STEM. However, their contributions have led to some of the greatest technological innovations in our history.
    Check out these websites to learn more about engineering and see inspiring women in action.

    Change the World, Be an Engineer!